Posted by: Andi Angel | October 17, 2009

Agency and Time Investment

Allow me to ramble a bit… I’m sort of thinking this out as I type.

Our freedom of choice is so much about how we shape our future. Thinking a few minutes ago, it occurred to me how much impact our actions now have on our future emotions.

We all know this consciously. How many times have you told yourself, “I’m gonna regret this later/tomorrow/in the morning”, etc.?

I’ve been reading up on time management a lot lately, knowing how bad I am at it. It seems all the great, productive people make a conscious investment of their time – they plan what they will do, looking forward to probable future consequences to help make their choice.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to let impatience and the desire to feel our best NOW get in the way of our making the best investment of our time. We can only get the strength to make the best choice if we develop our sense of future results… and the only way to do that is to start making choices we know will have a good outcome.

The more you do anything, the easier it gets – and habit and experience start to do the work for you.


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