Posted by: Andi Angel | July 16, 2010


I made some awesome s’mores a few days ago – to re-create:

– Put one Nestle’s Wonka chocolate square on a graham cracker square (half a cracker sheet) and microwave for several seconds.

– When the chocolate is melty enough, spread it around to the edges, then put a large Caramel & Vanilla marshmallow on top.

– Microwave until the marshmallow puffs up to twice its size, then remove from microwave.

– Top with the other half of the graham cracker sheet, then munch.

The reason I wait until after to top the sandwich is, if you put the square on top of the marshmallow and THEN microwave it, it falls to one side because the marshmallow puffs irregularly. It’s just easier to do it that way, and the bottom cracker doesn’t pick up that much heat anyway.


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