Posted by: Andi Angel | January 7, 2013

Mostly Dairy-free Chocolate Drink

This is a great drink to do with your child.

My 5-year-old son wants to be vegan, but he dislikes coconut milk, rice milk, soy milk and almond milk. He used to like chocolate soy milk, but last time I tried, I couldn’t get him to drink it.

Tonight when he said he wanted chocolate milk like the kind he’d had in his preschool class, I had to remind him that that kind was made with cow’s milk. I thought, maybe if we blend some “milks”, and dilute it with a bit of water to mute the taste. He agreed to try it, and wanted to help, so we got a little 4oz glass measuring cup and a tablespoon measure. I measured things, then let him pour or dump, and stir to mix.

2 oz water

2 oz rice milk

2 oz coconut milk

2 oz soy milk

2 Tbsp. Ovaltine

Stir until mixed, and don’t forget the straw, because it tastes better through a straw. At least for a kid it does.

You can do this entirely dairy-free by using cocoa powder and following the instructions for making cocoa, but we had some Ovaltine that I want to use up. I’m reluctant to throw things away, even if they don’t match up to our dietary ideals, partly because it’s a waste of money (or Food Stamps), and partly because we’re not at the level of perfection yet in our diet. As the saying goes, it is not meet that a man should run faster than he has strength.

From the empty cup quickly drained and put in the sink, I’d say this drink was a success. I may experiment with this a bit more down the road – I’ll keep you posted!

Have you ever successfully hidden an ingredient, and gotten someone who normally didn’t like it to eat it? Tell me about it in the comments!


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